Here is a list of various scientific publications that resulted from the PanelCheck project:


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Monitoring of a panel for sensory evaluation of Cerrado fruit jam by using the PanelCheck software

Presented by: Isabel de Sousa Amorim,

Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brasil; Technical University of Denmark

16th IUFost

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil, 2012


Picturing panel performance: New ways to visualise your panelist's data

Presented by: Lauren Rogers

Carol Raithatha Limited

IFST Professional Food Sensory group (PSFG) - A Sense of Change

Chipping Camden, UK, 25 June, 2012


Post trial investigation of sensory panellist performance using PanelCHECK

Presented by: Marise Kinnear & Henriëtte L. de Kock

Department of Food Science, University of Pretoria

The 8th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium,

Firenze, Italy, 26-30 July, 2009


Use of PanelCheck to compare panel performance from inter collaborative test

The 7th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium,

Minneapolis, USA, 12-16 August, 2007


PanelCheck: Quality Assurance in Sensory Profiling Data

Presented by our danish PanelCheck research fellows Per Brockhoff and Niels Axel Sommer of DTU, Denmark.

Download the poster here.

Some new tools for visualising multivariate and multiway data

The 6th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium,

Harrogate, England, 7-11 August, 2005




Blanda, G., Scarpellini, A., Cerretani, L., Cardinali, A., Bendini, A., Lercker, G., Formazione di un Panel per l’analisi sensoriale di mele fresche e trasformate, Ingredienti Alimentari, Vol. Maggio/Giugno 2007, anno 6 - numero 32, ISSN 1594 - 0543

(This paper is written in Italian and was kindly submitted by Dr. Lorenzo Cerretani, PhD, Università di Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum, Dipartimento di Scienze degli Alimenti)


PanelCheck User Manual

Kirsten Lorensen, DK

Kogebogen PanelCheck - How to use the PanelCheck software (only in Danish)