Quotes made by satisfied users about our PanelCheck software, courses and workshops:

About courses & Worskhops

- "Many thanks for the workshop, it was most informative. I really appreciated the individual attention!"

Kate Lattey, Sensory Program Manager, Orlando Wines, Australia

- "Thank you again for an excellent workshop."

Vivian Boghosian, Sensory Manager, Foster's Group, Australia

About PanelCheck software

- "We use the PanelCheck software ... as it allows us to quickly examine performance with easy-to-interpret plots such as the Tucker 1 plot, which gives a quick evaluation of assessor agreement and discrimination."

- "PanelCheck is a very user friendly and efficient tool ... and makes panel monitoring a painless task."

Dr. Ciarán Forde, CSIRO Food & Nutritional Sciences, Sydney, Australia (September 2008)

Read the complete interview at the websites of the European Sensory Network (ESN)

- "I am impressed with the ease of use and the amount of info you have packed in the software all of which is available with so limited clicks."

Vijayan Padmanabhan, ICT, India

- "PanelCheck is a great tool."

Paul Bergmanis, Seat Comfort Specialist, Ford Motor Company, US

- "Thank You very much [for PanelCheck]. It is very good!"

Dr. Ferenc Örsi, Budapest University of Technology and Economy, Hungary

At the following academic institutions PanelCheck is an integral part of their academic programmes

University of Copenhagen --> Faculty of Life Sciences --> Department of Food Science

Hochschule Neubrandenburg, University of Applied Sciences --> Food and Bio product technology (only German)